About Darlene

Pro Makeup Artist & Voice Actor

For the first 6 years of my life I grew up in Mount Hagen, the third largest city in Papua New Guinea and attended Mount Hagen Elementary School. I was quite a shy girl, always had such difficulties conversing with anyone who wasn't part of my family or my age. I'd hide behind my fathers legs and close my eyes until the adults continued their conversations... Haven't we all had our awkward stage? Luckily, this didn't last for long! lol

I grew up on a farm surrounded by so much wildlife, trees and endless amount of adventures! Weekend mornings consisted of waking to roosters crowing and the smell of an English breakfast, followed by an afternoon of taking out the motorbikes and quads (dogs on the back) chasing thrills and ending to an evening full of bright endless stars. I am a country girl from the outback of Australia, and I'm proud of it!

Living in the country or how we say in Humpty Doo "the bush" really shaped me as a person. I was no longer that shy girl who would hide behind my parents legs...

My father say's it was like a switch went off in me.  

When I returned to Australia I put my focus and energy on building a portfolio as best I could living in such a small town in the Northern Territory. 

I competed in beauty pageants, (Winner: Miss Teen Northern Territory, Australia (14) & Miss Philippines Australia (16). Appeared in magazines, television commercials, Reality TV, and runway.

I spent 5 years working behind a microphone for Skycity Darwin presenting/hosting there promotional events and mega draws. My first taste of vocal work!

I had a contract in the making to move to India. Bollywood was something I wanted to explore for so long.

My contract was in the making however I found myself being held back by a relationship (that I am no longer in). I missed my chance to move to India. 

One thing I learnt through this experience is that "everything happens for a reason" and to never let anyone hold you back from your dreams. Let go... and you'll be surprised to the gifts life has in store for you.


When my family and I left Papua New Guinea I felt as if I left a piece of my heart behind. Moving home to Australia was quite the culture shock! For the first two months of school (grade 1) I cried every morning  just wishing I could be back in the home I grew up in. But as with all great things it takes time... Little did I know I was about to have the best childhood one could dream of! In a town called "Humpty Doo!" - Yep, that's a real place.


When I turned 14 I took a trip by myself to visit my older sister who had moved to London, England. It was my first time to ever see a big city and what an experience that was!

Whilst on this trip my sister and I were approached by a modelling manager who asked if I'd be interested in joining his agency.  She was thrilled as she had always tried to get me into child modelling however I was never interested! - too much of a tomboy.  

We agreed to do a fun teenage photo shoot and that was my first taste of the industry...
At 14 I knew my career was going to be within the hustle and bustle of the Entertainment and Film industry...

I knew this was the first step and beginning of my career.


With my experience I eventually packed my bags and moved to Bangkok, Thailand. Where I continued my journey and signed with JIM Models. 

I created some of the most greatest memories of my life in Thailand. Then a big opportunity presented itself... 


And I was. 

I went to sleep one evening and dreamt that I booked a one way ticket to Vancouver, Canada (North Hollywood). 

I remember thinking to myself "Vancouver?! CANADA?! I have never seen snow, never met a Canadian, I am from HUMPTY DOO...! This is insane!"

I laid in bed with my heart thumping and the wheels turning. "Maybe I should do this?"

I arrived in Vancouver, Canada 3 months later. I studied a Diploma in Global Makeup and a Diploma in Medical Aesthetics to be a package deal of the beauty industry. 

Working in North Hollywood as a Makeup Artist I was blessed to meet and learn from so many talented individuals. It was on set where I first heard that I should look into Voice Over... 
At this point I now had 8 years of experience presenting and several more dabbling in a variety of different areas
of the biz. Why not... 

Country Field

Everyday I am thankful to my friends/co-workers for recommending that I give Voice Acting a try, because it is one of the GREATEST decisions I have ever made... My passion for this industry is endless. Those that work in film will know exactly what I am talking about. It's what we know, what we're good at and creating art forms is what we live for.